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What is a Military Dog Tag?

The military dog tag is identification for the military soldier. A set of 2 tags (one on a long chain and the other on a short chain) worn around the neck. Each tag has identical information. Most common: Name, SSN or current DOD (Department Of Defense) numbers, blood type and religious preference.

In addition to military format tag we will also stamp tags with a variety of information for civilian use.

Why two dog tags?

When a soldier is killed in action, one tag would stay with the body and the other to go to the person in charge of the collecting information for fallen soldiers then given to the next of kin.

Why do dog tags come with rubber silencers? Since 1970 dog tag silencers were used by soldiers in combat to keep them from clanging and alerting enemy troops. The silencers are round not the shape of the tag. They will stretch over the oval shaped tags and fit securely.
See our Silencer page for photo details, over 35 solid and mixed colors.

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Let DogTagUS Stamp a set of original stainless steel tags for you. We have been stamping tags since 1989 and know all the formats since WWII. Both Debossed and Embossed formats. See more information about how tags are stamped on the dog tag page

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